The Colchis team focuses on investing in non-bank specialty finance private credit assets sourced primarily from Fintech lending platforms as well as adjacent structured credit opportunities.

As a pioneer and first significant institutional investor in the technology-enabled lending ecosystem, Colchis has invested over $6 Billion in more than 500,000 digital loans since 2011. Colchis utilizes deep credit expertise, proprietary technology and financial structuring experience to invest in private credit assets across various industries including secured real estate, small business, skills-based education and consumer credit sectors. Colchis also makes early-stage and growth equity investments in leading Fintech companies.



Identifying Companies & Trends Early

Colchis seeks to identify leading technology-enabled specialty lending platforms across a diverse range of industries and to engage with these companies to support healthy but disciplined growth.


Providing Flexible Capital

With the flexibility to invest across the capital structure, Colchis is able to take a long-term, strategic approach to engaging with early-stage specialty lending platforms. Colchis invests through a diverse set of funding arrangements that include whole loans, private notes, credit facilities, convertible debt and preferred equity.


Supporting Sustainable, Credit-Disciplined Growth

In addition to capital, Colchis delivers value through new ideas, executive introductions, and “lessons learned” in areas such as technology, credit, operations and strategy to help non-bank lenders scale and grow in a thoughtful way. Colchis seeks to create substantial enterprise value through a strategic, long-term collaborative approach that supports substantial capital deployment for Colchis over a multi-year period.


Credit, Data & Technology 

As the first significant institutional investor in the technology-enabled non-bank lending ecosystem since 2011, Colchis combines deep credit expertise and advantages in data, technology, sourcing and operational experience to seek a differentiated, stable return stream.

Colchis takes pride in the proprietary credit analysis and insights gleaned since inception of its strategy. This cumulative expertise positions Colchis to be both strategic and tactical in a dynamic industry.

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  • Experienced team with over 85 years of credit origination and risk management experience.

  • Seeks to optimize the investment strategy by tactically shifting allocations in response to real-time credit trends within Colchis’ proprietary data sets.

  • Establishes credit-disciplined investment purchase criteria and on-going credit monitoring.

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  • One of the most comprehensive historical loan data sets in the industry, with approximately 46 Billion data elements from more than $60 Billion of loan originations.

  • Extensive historical and real-time data allows the team to generate insights to make tactical decisions.

  • Proprietary technology developed to ingest, streamline, benchmark and appropriately risk rank credit trends across companies and different loan instruments.

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  • As the first significant institutional investor in the technology-enabled lending ecosystem, Colchis has developed longstanding relationships with a broad network of companies and investors to help it identify promising opportunities across a range of industries and geographies.

  • Colchis leverages its early-stage venture fund to foster relationships with promising companies early in their development and to work with management teams to build successful scalable businesses and capital deployment programs.

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  • Colchis has supported the establishment and early development of several technology-enabled lenders and understands the drivers and challenges of operating these businesses.

  • This operating perspective allows Colchis to identify industry trends early and provide sound strategic advice.